Monday, March 28, 2011

Noisy Tires

I got out of school early to get to a dentist appointment in Bangor. Somebody asked me today why I drove to Bangor to go to the dentist when there are so many dentists around here, and I gave some flip answer about the dentists around here not being very good. As I think about it, it is a matter of degrees; I like the dentist I go to in Bangor and he is really good, maybe better than most of the dentists in Ellsworth if not all, so I realize how much I appreciate him and his staff.

So anyway, to the point. The studded snow tires I have on the car are very distracting, and I had bought new rims (cheap - I hope I got more than I paid for, but I doubt it) and put the old summer tires on them and just had to change them after supper tonight, so I did. The picture is a composite that is from three different shots!

Time to sleep!

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