Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall in Full Swing

So, while I have been somewhat "slack" with the maintaining of posts on this site, I will utilize my old standby excuse, and that is that things have been so busy at work. It seems that as the days diminish in length, my ability to get caught up with the proverbial "to do list" also diminishes. By the time I get home (last week I think I averaged around 6 p.m.) I have little time to unwind, eat dinner, get the dishes done and catch up with homework before 9 or 10 o'clock so that I can get up at four-thirty to get my mandatory morning workout done before a shower and a 45 minute drive to school. Once I am used to the routine (usually around this time of year) it goes pretty well.

The beauty around me continues, and the two photos I am posting today are good examples. It bothered me for a while that I "missed" a lot of really good shots, but recently I have realized that they are infinite, and missing a few really doesn't hurt as long as I am noticing that I am missing them and don't lose the appreciation for that which is around me.

These are the oak tree and the apple tree within 100 feet of the east patio of the house.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tough Times

School is always good because of my students, but for some reason this morning's drawing session resulted in a piece in black and white that reflected back to me feelings of distress (I titled the drawing with that word). While I'm not always sure where some of these internal interpretations come from, I may have some inclination for this one. The centered figure is surrounding itself with arms either holding events, responsibilities and other people out or keeping them in. The figure on the right glances up at the viewer while tearing something apart in their hands and letting it drop to the ground. A general feeling of chaos comes from the marking "roughness" and many small lines in the piece. I feel like I could do more with it, but it has worn me out and I would definitely have to rest for a while before going back to it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Gap

Yeah, there seems to have been a "Fall Gap" here with this blog. My inspiration is leaning in other directions, so I will take a brief hiatus from this resource to explore some other areas of interest. I know that the photos from the past two years are still here and I can refer to them as needed, but there is so much more than just the photography that pulls me. November will be a month for exploring the print realm and I plan to go back to gelatin, hoping to "find" some new content to excite and fulfill.

My professional work needs some "push", and teaching so often "pushes back" that there is room for little else, but I must and will take the time...

Anyway, posts will become intermittent, but I hope the quality will be worthwhile (or the wait).

This post is about the fall and how things are starting to get colder and "fallish" now that summer is officially over (September 22) and fall has begun. A simple thing like an apple, photographed over and over, and yet is there a new way to look at it? I call this one "The Fall Grimace" because the fall season can make some of us tighten our faces.