Monday, March 18, 2013

Teacher of the Year Nominees

I attended the 2014 Maine Teacher of the Year Nominee luncheon in Waterville last weekend and took a number of photos, but here I am going to post the one that was "misdirected", or that I really enjoyed as it is a sort of secondary look at the action of the event and how people reacted. This is actually the group of people that were taking photos of the nominees all lined up for a "Nominee Group Photo". I just got as kick out of it and the action expressed in it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello Dolly!

Here we are in Deer Isle getting ready to watch the ReachTheater version of "Hello Dolly"! Exciting.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Lowly Mouse

The image here is simply a reflection in the surface of a lowly mouse, it's tail a cord ending in a USB connector and it's earless head also without eyes. The sad condition of the lowly mouse.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

What One Doesn't See

Often times that which is missing from a scene or environment or interior is even more telling than what is seen. The backstory to this little story I'm putting together for you here is that I have already created this post. I did it from the "Blogger" app on my phone and it did not post as it was supposed to post, in fact, it did not post at all. So this is the second time that I am trying to get down feelings and an attitude that only really was "spin"taneous that one time; the first time.

Here's what I can remember, that I felt a deep and abiding connection to a piece of furniture that is much older than I, and as my memory fits it, was used to comfort myself, my sons, and my grandson. Why suddenly my interest in this object as a subject for my photography? I'm not sure, but I think it was the sharp contrast of the shadows, the shapes they made on the hardwood floor, and the bit of twine on the upper left side (facing) of the chair back. All of these details and elements worked together to create an interest in the object that I had never experienced before, although I have photographed it many times. The creative process is fluid, it allows and encourages one to think in a divergent manner that may well be unique each time it happens. For me in my "hand art", the art that I create without the complexities of a device such as a camera, that spontaneous act of reacting and constructing makes me almost ecstatic at times. The same thing happens with the camera, but it is more subtle and at the same time, more like work.

Here's the irony of this shot; I'm always telling students to "work for it", not to take that first point of view or camera angle that presents itself, but to look for background "junk" and move away from the confusing stuff (except when it is really cool and adds to the subject - always there are exceptions) to improve the image. Oh yeah, the irony! Well, I had to get up into one of the dining room chairs to get this shot the way I really wanted it, so picture me dragging a chair into the bedroom, climbing up into it and taking several shots of this image.

I chose this one because of the diagonals and the energy they produce, the color and the bold shadow shapes in the background.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sorry I've Been Out for a While

The recent spell of weather is at fault, and my being so busy with all the extra tasks I take on beyond my full time + job as an ART teacher also contributes. I have been continuing with photography and capturing the work around me, but more so with my students lately and working with Google+ to help them establish a presence on the web and to work with one another.

I went out after supper tonight and walked across the field to Spock's and got some images of behind the barn, went down to the shore and found a few things there. It was very nice outside, the wind blowing lightly and not too cold. Nature provides us with an infinite variety of sensual pleasures, and the visuals always fascinate me. These are some of my favorites, straight from the camera.