Friday, August 30, 2013

First Day Photo!

I actually did a turnaround and shot a few pictures, got caught by Liz (she wondered if something had happened to my car as I was on the side of the road), and did not miss a shot I have been wanting to take for a while. It is so beautiful on the drive to school and I am so often feeling like I miss photos I wish I hadn't!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

View From Upstairs Bedroom Window

What a beautiful day! I captured some images of the woodwork that Jen and I have been doing on the house to update on the reality site, and this was one of Jen's favorites.

There's something magical about the closeness of the window framing and the separation of the image into separate panels.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fire in the Studio!

I had a fused glass student in the studio, so I scurried around to clean things up a bit and find enough horizontal free surface to cut and stack some glass. I enjoyed it and I felt back to connected with teaching, so it was a good warm up for the new school year. I am sorry that I devoted the entire summer to working on the house and cant wait to get back into the classroom and working with learners!

Here are a couple of studio shots; I always get a kick from the kiln at it's full temperature as glass is an amazing material to work and to watch.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


As a departure from my usual post of photos or artwork I felt compelled to share this piece of FaceBook that I took a screenshot of the other day. The idea that facial recognition technology is real and useful has appeared on television for years, an example being police or forensics shows where an artists sketch or a photograph is run through a recognition database and produces a "match" that gives all the needed information for the subject.

Well, just how good is FaceBook "tagging" software that recognizes people that appear in your photo albums and such? Here is a photo I took last week of my grandson, and when I looked at it in FaceBook I was prompted to "tag" it... but with his father's name! Somehow very cool!

I'm sure there is an explanation to this, such as it was in Torrey's profile that it showed up, so via process of elimination, Torrey seemed a reasonable tag. I like to think that it can recognize generational similarities.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Haircut

We had a busy anniversary day today, but it was a good one. Maybe after forty-two of them we are starting to take them for granted,  but I hope not!

Today was a red-letter day for Jackson as he got his first haircut, a trimming of the bangs that are constantly in his eyes!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3rd Jackson

One this afternoon of Jackson and his Mom and one of Jackson pointing while he was outside playing with his Grandmother!

Rainbow and Such

Lynne and Morgan arrived yesterday at Torrey & Katie's house and we had the chance to do a "tour", have a nice talking session, and we all saw an intense rainbow out the kitchen slider door!

Jackson now knows what it means to "pose" for a picture, which is something my oldest son always used to do when he was little, with the phrase being "do I have to smile?" a part of his routine. Jackson doesn't have the vocabulary for that yet, but he knows he is having his picture taken. It's a lot of fun to be here with these guys!