Monday, May 31, 2010

Blueberry Buds & Buttercup Blossoms

I guess I was in kind of a "wild flowery" mood this morning, and the flowers such as lupine, clover blossoms and daisies made a beautiful bouquet for my sister-in-law Lynne's shop down at the Grange Hall. The blueberries have in large part gone beyond the blossom stage and are already starting to bud into small berries. It's fascinating to watch them go through their changes, almost like a caterpillar into a moth only no cocoon involved. Nature is beautiful.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Boat, the Cat, and the Sun

I finally got the boat motor running again today, and after all the hassle with the trailer axle, the steering and such I hope to take it up to Flanders tomorrow for a test run. I thought the shot with it through the lupine was kind of descriptive of the way it has been in the background of things for a while over the winter. Maybe we can use it some this summer.

A couple of nice shots of Sandy the cat lolling on the floor, and he is such a ham as soon as he realizes that I am taking his picture. I can usually get a good portrait of him as he is what we call "photogenic". The first one here was dark in his face, but then he picked his head up and it got more light and his whiskers and ears became more important to the shot as well.

As I went out to water the garden just before the sun went down, I noticed the sun in the rear view mirror of my truck. It gave quite a bright reflection, so I tried to capture the sunset. I took a few of these and this was the one that came out the best. I got some good pictures today... it was a good day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mussel Morning

The tide was way out this morning and I felt drawn to the water, so I wandered down to the edge of the mussel bed and shot a few pictures. There's something about getting the eye level down near the ground that makes the shot feel more like you are right there. Maybe as I look at it I feel like I'm one of the "mud creatures" down low to the ground and everything above me has a greater feel, a feel of being more important or some such. So I got my shot today early and may put yet another entry up before the end of the day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

5 a.m. & 32 Years Ago

This morning I was a bit late getting up for my workout, but it was worth it as the moon on the water was gorgeous!

Today is Torrey's birthday, and I took a negative from a 1978 film sheet and printed it in the darkroom at school, then posted it on Torrey's FaceBook page. Matthew and I called him "the Alien Baby" when he was little like this. Ahhh, life. I guess I just have to realize it is what it is and call it good.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Witch Hole Pond Hike

The "Outing Club" did a hike around the Witch Hole Pond loop and one of my fiber arts students invited me along. I'm so glad I did it as it was a wonderful way to connect with students, some who are in my classes and some who are not. It's nice to spend some time with kids outside of class, and it was interesting to hear one student say "you're just the same out of school as you are in school". "Hey", I responded, "just liking to keep it real." I didn't get the chance to ask what the expectation is, but apparently some teachers "wear a face" in school.

Anyway, it was a great afternoon, enough of a breeze to keep any bugs from lighting, a good chance to talk to kids about non-school stuff and get to know them better, and good exercise to boot. I seem to find myself doing double workouts during the longer days of summer anyway. I got some cool pictures and will post three of them.

Wow! Two days in a row of double entries, don't know what's gotten into me.


No diet, just habit.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cooling Off, Anticipating Sleep

I feel at times that I have no control over what I do and feel and that the flow of time is just passing by me as I watch events unfold. In many ways I am good with that in terms of my thoughts and day to day passing moments, but in some ways I just need to cool the fires and let sleep overtake me. After the rough night of sleeplessness last night that should be easy tonight as the weather has cooperatively cooled. I can't imagine living in a southern climate, or even leaving Maine on a permanent basis. Restless, my sleep will take me many places tonight I am sure.

This is the first time in many months I have made two posts in one day, I feel the change, the settling, and it is not a bad thing.

First One Here

Actually, there is another teacher who parks on the back side of the building who is at school by a little after six each morning (I've only been here before him once this year), but I am very often the first one in this parking lot. I like the solitude, the chance to get things done in the morning, and the stillness. This morning I noticed the puddles from last night's rain and knew that I could get some reflection effects in a shot. Somehow, with the "feel" of this picture, I think it captures where I was this morning after an almost sleepless night.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art Society Exhibit

Here are a couple of photos from the MDI High School Art Society "chairs" exhibit. I'm really excited about these students and what they have done. The group has gotten better each year and this exhibit is very dramatic with the variations on the wooden chairs from my art room. They were painted about 10 years ago, and needed a "re-coat". The group picked up on this and did them as our annual "Induction Event" exhibit. I was delighted with the way raising the chairs took them out of their natural context and "elevated" them to an art form!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Calm Morning, Foggy Evening

What a beautiful day! Sunshine and the range of beauty we can always expect in Maine. Enough said, just enjoy the view...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flowers for Looks, Flowers for Food

Rhododendrons are very beautiful, especially with the green leaves to compliment the blossoms. The original bush we got last year did not survive the winter, but was guaranteed, so we got another, planted it in what hopefully is a better location, and voila!

We planted scallions for salads and such last year, didn't clean them out of the garden in the fall, and they wintered over and have blossomed and are now going to seed. All living things are amazing, and we must take care of our planet!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flowers New & Older... The Bright Sunset

I got home after school today and looking down at the shore I contemplated my inspiration problem and somehow I realized that inspiration, that the artistic eye is always there and it really is just a matter of listening to the inner voice and responding to it. It often feels like "life gets in the way" as a friend recently put it, but life really only gets in the way when you let it. That flow that we all truly possess, that flow of understanding and seeing is a matter of perception, of course, but it also a matter of being mentally prepared to perceive, of understanding that you don't have to "find" the beauty of life because it is already there all around one. I always get a kick out of the "let it find you" theory because I honestly think that "it" (the beauty of life/art) is always there, just waiting for each of us to recognize it in our turn.

So after I had these contemplations, I took my camera down to the front of the house, saw dozens of shots, and found my way to the water and the high tide. I liked all of the three I have chosen to post for different reasons, but I will let you be the judge.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There are some gorgeous trees out there right now, including a few in our back yard. At the risk of presenting too many close-ups, I had to post this photo taken this morning. A couple of shots that were of the full tree were all right but they lacked the intimacy of the one I am posting. I think I may well have seen beauty before with this very tree, but a new day should always be a fresh look, a new photograph, eh?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Last Frost

It was last week, but it has taken me that long to motivate myself to post something to this site. Motivation, inspiration, and articulation are what I have tried to make this site about, and for some reason those pieces have not all been there at the same time. I did 5 very similar shots of the morning frost as I arrived at school one morning last week, and I am so bad with the continuity of this blog lately that I don't even remember which day it was that I shot them.

I will just post the one, but I have incubated it for a while and have promised myself that I would post one, so here it is, frost on the clover. Metaphors of frost abound for me and connections to others in my living practices are represented in these metaphors, but I believe the best thing to do here is realize that I really have done this blog for myself, and so explanations or attempts to clarify my thoughts for others serve no purpose in this context. I will refrain from those explanations but will offer any viewers the chance to figure out frost metaphors for themselves and in the contexts that fit for them. Ahhh, frosty green.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wheelbarrow and Lawnmower

I've been really bad about this photo blog and I apologize to anyone that may read it, but I really don't have any excuses, just the priority thing is all that would apply. We all set our priorities, whether we use a formal method or just do what we get around to doing. It's pretty obvious to me that I haven't been getting around to doing the blog because other things have taken precedence.

Spring really is here, and I spent a great deal of time last weekend in the garden getting chewed up by the season's first onslaught of blackflies. Those little demons must have a head full of teeth, because their bite hurts way more than their size would indicate. The picture I'm posting was "posed" in that I first took it when the objects were in under the woodpile, but there was way too much clutter, so I pulled them out into the driveway and took another shot. Better, I think. Still life?