Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thin Ice

Ahhh... "thin ice" can suggest so many things, being a metaphor dealing with risky behavior or the fragility of things. The ice on Flander's Bay shore yesterday was very thin and washed up on the beach and around the rocks in layers that taken all together gave a look of glistening lines through out the many layers of the ice.

Here are a few photos I grabbed on the shore that morning. It was cold and I was dumb enough to go down without a jacket, so I didn't stay long, just long enough!

I see things sometimes in these photos, things that are really only in my imagination, but to me are symbols of my thoughts and inner feelings, such as figures darting about or large faces gazing questioningly at me. I suppose I might have "tweaked" these a bit, but I often like to just trust the camera to be "smarter" than I.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Evening Windows

The nights seem to come way too fast each day, but the sense of spring is so very much in the air that I find it difficult to fall into the winter "doldrums". Stepping out into the air Monday night in Bar Harbor after the show at Morning Glory it really felt like winter was over before it ever really began, with 40℉ as the temperature and a full moon in the sky. Here's the shot from last night in the dining room.