Friday, July 29, 2011


AT some point earlier this week, I think maybe it was Monday, some fishermen up the bay set twine at Spruce Point, just to the East of our house. I walked the beach at low tide, and sure enough it was some sort of seining operation. Now, I spent some time on sardine boats back in the 50's and early 60's, and this rigging was nothing like I'd ever seen, but it was inventive. They had one end of the square set out in mono-filament twine and it really looked as though it was capable of catching some fish. Mostly it is mackerel in the bay right now.

I don't know if they've gotten any fish as of yet, but they had a scow out and were straightening the net and getting it ready to put back into the water. With the scarcity of bait for lobster fishing and the resultant price when you can get it, it seems very inspired for this man and what looked like maybe two of his sons to be out trying to "purse seine" fish. The picture is from this afternoon.

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