Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mind Ghosts

My muse was working on this piece... I've been working with my "gorilla brush" and India ink during the break a bit and I got to thinking about thinking. Metacognition, "they" call it.

Someone once told me that the proverbial "they" were simply "them what knows", or people of a supposedly broader experience than others, or at least broader than those who are making the reference to "they". A life goal for me would then be to become a "they". 

So I'm working this piece out and it seems so familiar, something I've done (similarly) numerous times before, and it dawns on me that the subconscious background that I enjoy picking out of (or adding to) my work, while being largely imagination, has to have real resources in my experience of the world. So my muse licks in, I complete this 11X14 inch piece and immediately long to produce something larger. Unfortunately my time is not my own and I have (last minute, of course) a number of things to accomplish for school this week. The piece is above and two details are below.

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