Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wintered Apples

So after the snow melts and the ground begins to reveal what was underneath, it seems almost tragic that the advancing decay occurred in spite of the cold of winter. I feel like I have been looking toward the ground frequently lately, but there is much to offer the inquisitive mind there, and this late afternoon gave me this image. It was quite dim as the sun had set but the remnant of light in the western sky was enough to allow me to photograph, although I had set the camera speed at 800, knowing things might be a bit "grainy".

This shot seemed to symbolize the winter's work and the leaving of winter at the same time. My active imagination always looks for imagery (imagine - imagery, hmmm) and I found a hand with thumb and forefinger reaching for these decaying apples in the shape of the snow. The passing of another winter presents me with all sorts of thoughts! Faces everywhere in those apples.

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