Tuesday, August 20, 2013


As a departure from my usual post of photos or artwork I felt compelled to share this piece of FaceBook that I took a screenshot of the other day. The idea that facial recognition technology is real and useful has appeared on television for years, an example being police or forensics shows where an artists sketch or a photograph is run through a recognition database and produces a "match" that gives all the needed information for the subject.

Well, just how good is FaceBook "tagging" software that recognizes people that appear in your photo albums and such? Here is a photo I took last week of my grandson, and when I looked at it in FaceBook I was prompted to "tag" it... but with his father's name! Somehow very cool!

I'm sure there is an explanation to this, such as it was in Torrey's profile that it showed up, so via process of elimination, Torrey seemed a reasonable tag. I like to think that it can recognize generational similarities.

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