Friday, July 11, 2014

New Gloucester Blueberries!

Probably it made sense that we would find a treasure trove of blueberries on a street named "Berryfield Lane", but it never occurred to me until yesterday when we found ourselves out in the field by the lawn picking blueberries for all we were worth!

The lighting on these images was just about noon, and when I got them back and uploaded I felt my Sony Alpha had captured what was actually there, so I didn't change a thing on them for this post. I had been playing around with shooting "RAW" images, but really see little advantage except for certain lighting and exposure conditions, and, as it clogged up my laptop pretty well, I am sure I will only use that format when absolutely necessary!

I used a 10X closeup filter on my 28-75 mm lens and played around mostly with the f-stop to control depth-of-field. There are certain images that work well with deep focus and others that don't, but shooting in aperture mode lets me see the effect as soon as I view the shot! Here are three "blueberry" shots I got this morning!

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