Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wet Christmas Likely

I guess the guys on WTOS this morning called it a "brown" Christmas, but I don't think the rain is that bad, especially after the winters we have had in the past where there was no place to put the snow! I walked up to get the mail this morning and I noticed the drops of rain clinging to the branches. I realized that I still had the clip-on lens for my iPhone in my pocket, so I put it on and took these photos. I did switch around and use the "fisheye" when Vern came down the driveway to take a shot of the house, so I will post that picture first.

The details of taking a picture still fascinate me, and I catch myself on that "search" for the most interesting and best shot I can find whenever I am in "shooting" mode. There is something about where the "macro" shot takes you in terms of looking at the details existent in life and the myriad situations of form and color that we see without seeing every single minute of every day.

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