Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Snow Day

Working with the idea and value of HDR, I thought I would try to make an image today that most closely represented the reality of the day and also make an image that was manipulated to create a mood or feeling for the day. Two very different concepts that do not neccessarily have to be at odds with one another.

I will briefly describe processes as I post the images here:

The image of the snow covered tree is the subject for all of the photos I am using here. The one to the right was made as a single shot, high (1600) ISO , 1/125 second, and f-8. I then went into adjustments, tweaked the color in the darks and mid-range to a bit of blue, and "bumped" the contrast about 10 points. A "cooler" image because of the blue, and I kept the slight glare from the window I was shooting through as I think it adds interest and effect.

The series of shots below were made with the same camera, the same framing (tripod lock-down), and no adjustments at all, only using two images (aperture priority, one f-8 and one f-11) with the resulting shutter speeds. I then blended the two into a single (below images, with the two foundation shots smaller size) "HDR" image. I know this is a technique that is sort of ubiquitous at this point, but I find the concept as well as the possibilities for exploration fascinating.

HDR Blend

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