Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yellow Foggy Morning

 The sun this morning was amazing, although the fog had a great deal to do with that. I first noticed how "glowing" the sun was through my rearview mirror, with the color being almost a "golden glow" in the way that it lit everything up. I shot one-handed quickly from the window, taking three or four different versions of the image here at the top. This ended up as my favorite because of it's clarity and the position of the telephone poles. I cropped the image tightly around the rearview mirror, and I liked the drops of water that stand out so sharply.

The second shot of the trees was actually a "no-look" as I just held the phone against the window and clicked off a number of shots, with the one to the right being the one I selected. I did increase the contrast and "tune-up" this one a bit as it was pretty "blasted out" by the bright sun, but I enjoy the effects that the sunlight has on the branches of the tree and the way it shines through and illuminates some branches more than others.

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