Sunday, November 6, 2016


I've been interested in a variety of printmaking forms and such since attending the MAEA Fall Conference at Haystack in September, and did Halloween cards for my grandsons using slices of foam rubber as ink-holding surfaces. I was surprised at the results and how the foam deformed, distributed ink to the paper, and generally functioned in the press.

While probably not a technique I will pursue a great deal further (or maybe I will), I did capture an image of one of the pieces leaning back against a piece of styrofoam while sitting on the edge of a plywood board. It seemed to me an abstraction of a face.

The formality of the composition and the effect of the shadows to create a three dimensional space is interesting to me, as are the combinations of symmetrical balance, unity, and the textures in the three elements. This image has a strange "presence", or being, that I enjoy.

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