Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dancing Fire

So I've got a ton of pictures from burning the field tonight, and I may post a bunch of them to FaceBook or some such, but I really think some of the fire ones cam out really well. Shot at asa3200 and a fast 1/2000 of a second shutter speed, they captured the essence of the moving flames that we don't really realize as we watch. The intricate shapes that form, or are they actually forms of light? The fire is three dimensional, so technically it can produce forms.

There were several areas we were burning as it grew darker and we worked on the field, the most dramatic being the loam pile, where the growth had lots of nutrients and gets quite large which in turn provided plenty of fuel for the fire. Our neighbor up the road (the one with the "blood" oranges - previous post) called when the loam pile started burning quite brightly as she was concerned about the fire.
The sequence of these shots made a sort of "back and forth" as I started with a wide shot of the "lines" along the edge of where we were burning and then got up closer, went back to the lines, and then finally found the shutter and film speed I needed to get what I wanted and took 20 or more similar to this last one. These are full of "spirits" to me...

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