Friday, April 2, 2010

After School at the Shore

Such a nice day yesterday as the weather had turned that I felt pulled down front to the beach to explore the intertidal zone I was delighted with some of the images that presented themselves and even saw seaweed in the lower spruce branches from the "wicked" high tides a few days ago. Driftwood has always fascinated me because of the wearing from the sun and sea that highlights the grain and softens and bleaches the surfaces and the linear shapes that result.

The heavy rains had caused high drainage and with a quick shutter speed (1/1600) I shot some of the moving water. the little waterfall from "intermittent stream" I have taken pictures of before, and maybe even on this blog, but it always seems to be different somehow.

The bubbles were constantly changing as the water flowed down the beach, and I didn't notice my reflection in them until I had brought the shots into iPhoto to process. Duh! Of course they would reflect.

I was looking back over this blog with Matt the other day and I am amazed by the memories it brings back and by the factual record-keeping of events that it creates. I know the reason I started it was for communication, and originally I thought I would do it for others, but I find in looking back that it is probably mostly just for myself as far as its usefulness. Boy! Things have changed a lot since I started it...

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