Thursday, July 26, 2012

What are Lobsters Thinking?

I had a number of shots of lobsters from Jen's birthday cookout the other night and I started playing with them, coming up with the combined image below.

We talked about putting lobsters in the boiling water and how dreadful it must be for the lobsters, and while I am usually able to remain somewhat scientifically objective around that sort of thing, the fact is that lately there have been so many emotional things going on in our family that feelings spring up in the most unexpected places.

Conversations always seem to center around the eyes... eyes are the focus when shooting a portrait or when conversing with someone, and they tell a great deal about what is inside the conversationalist's mind when combined with facial expression. I blended together two photos of a lobster and matched them around the eyes, and even though the pictures were taken at different points of view, that centering becomes a focal point in the photograph. The red, which I removed in the top blended layer, really takes on a dominant role in the picture.

Now, for a moment, to really get into the "mind" of the lobster, one must suspend commonly held belief that lobsters are not sentient, thoughtful creatures with feelings... such as ourselves. If one can find enough "empathy" for another life form here on Earth, then the projection of feelings that a lobster might experience can happen for any circumstance, not just being put into the pot, but being trapped, going through the "molting" of the shell, and crawling around on such an alien (to us anyway) surface as the bottom of the ocean. Just thinkin'...

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