Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cold and Windy

The bay was so "busy" this morning with the wind from right out of the West that I felt obligated (and I love it when that happens) to go to the shore and make some photos. So I have and here are four of them from the great light that existed. I decided to take my telephoto (75-300 mm), and was thankful for the usual "intimacy" it provided with these shots. The driftwood still life was an afterthought on the way back to the house (I was under dressed and overexposed - no photo pun intended) but I liked that it shared the same light as the shots of the water. Maybe I'm getting old, but I never remember taking these shots before, they are always new to me.

I once read, and had a great discussion with a first year student about it, that the "true" photographer shows only his best work. The student asked me why I post so many of my pictures when some are obviously better than others, and why didn't I just use the "best". I explained to him that I am also a teacher/learner and that the more I share, the more I teach and learn. Mistakes are important to grow from, and as long as artists see themselves "in process", they will continue to grow and learn. I think he got it, he sends me photo links all the time, even though he is no longer in a class with me.

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