Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where Have I Been?

That's a great question when one hasn't been presenting any sort of presence for almost a month on this blog site. Excuses for not posting anything for so long? I've got a million of them! Actually March has been a very hectic month for the education side of my life, trying to balance and prioritize that which is always around me.

I picked a book out of our library by Stephen King that I had never read, called "Insomnia". This may sounds weird, but I had trouble sleeping while I was reading that book. I found myself only reading for a few minutes before I fell asleep each night, except for the times I got up a 2 a.m. and read it awhile to try and get back to sleep. I finished it a few days ago and have slept through the night ever since. Speaking of night, here's a shot I meant to post a week or more ago... just before daylight looking at Bar Harbor from the living room.

And here are three pictures I took after getting home tonight, one of the sun low in the sky, one of some residual winter driftwood, and one of the house looking up from the beach. I thought the clouds in the sky were especially beautiful this evening the way they reached out and upward from the horizon.

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