Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rings of Silver

I am so fortunate to have Torrey, Katie and Jackson in my life. Being able to spend time and thoughts with them is very precious and meaningful, and I was delighted when the prospect of creating their wedding bands fell into my lap during a conversation with them and Jen.

I incubated ideas for a concept to use that would be special and have a meaning for them as well, and I came up with the idea of "communication" as a theme. It seems to me that keeping a thoughtful and calm line of communication, which of course, Jen, means listening as well as talking, is the essence of a "successful" marriage. A successful marriage (or partnership, or whatever you want to call it), at it's simplest definition, would be one that lasts over time, most likely at least one lifetime. So with that in mind, I began to think about patterns of text or letters and how they might appear visually in the design, avoiding any specific reference or language as "corny", which I wanted to avoid at all costs.

Then, somehow "randomness", the chance connections that we don't really see as related and yet so often simply take us from one place to another in our lives, became connected to the overall design concept for me and so I had the initial process come clearly to mind. I have a set of letter stamps, all capitals, which also seemed fitting in terms of the importance of the letters I would use; letters were from the names Torrey, Katie, Jackson & Emerson. I then stamped a random pattern using those letters into the surface of the silver sheet from which I would form the rings. The rest is just process in terms of mechanics, such as cutting, soldering, filing, sanding and polishing.

I'm including a "Hipstamatic" shot here of the smaller ring as it was being filed on the sides, complete with the filing dust around it, and a couple of shots of the rings tied with a bow.

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