Saturday, January 28, 2017

New App Addiction

So I just purchased a new app that I have found fascinating as I get into it more and more. It's called "Enlight" and it really has me thinking about imagery beyond the immediate, which I have worked on for years with students in my New Media classes. The tools toward conceptualization are familiar, although more "filter" based, so with a bit less control than with a full blown editor such as Photoshop or Acorn.

I have just started to realize the ways I can use this, so I have a few examples to post here. The first, a self portrait was done with an overlay of a rose image, and then filtered with a flowery background. I find the mood reflects feelings I had the other night when I got a text from my wife that she wasn't feeling well, so I brought her home a salad (food is always good for the soul), a small bag of her favorite candy, and a single yellow rose (a mutual symbol of our caring for one another for the past 45 years). The shapes of the rose petals highlighted create a soft surrounding of my face and the dominant transparent green is a calming influence to the brighter and higher contrast reds and oranges of the small flower shapes in the background.

 The image of my grandson on the right is overlaid on a shot of orange slices laying on a light table (the background patterns). He always enjoys eating, and while he was playing "peek-a-boo" with me and his fork last weekend I took this image of him. The bright colors in this symbolize to me his innate joy and the patterns in the background create an order and regularity that is important for a young child's sense of security and confidence. His left eye is a dominating center of interest that has a great tension with the fork and balances the less busy lower left side of the image.

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