Sunday, February 5, 2017

Slow Shutter Lighting

Before I turned in for the night I thought I might put the light sticks I had made this weekend to use. I have seen cars used in light painting, and it occurred to me that Jen's car was in the driveway, so I gave it a go. After thinking, I would have liked to have had a much broader and deeper background than the house, but I do sort of like the window showing in the upper right as an accent rather than a distraction.

So the structure of these is all the same, but the lights are what kind of "make" the images and it is interesting to think of a photo in terms of time. The way an image is not locked in a split second, but has a sense of action and movement gives it another dimension.

The green light gives the imagery a sense of the natural and although it is at odds with the usual sense of night in a deep blue, I like the way it becomes a theme of color through the entire image, with a cast that is bright and subtle simultaneously. I am posting four of these images that I like for their sense of movement.

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