Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shop Weekend

David and I spent the last couple of days milling out the lumber for the finish stairs here in the house. Looking at just the treads yesterday (30 of them) and how much they cost retail ($30 each) I think we once again realized what it means for us to be able to do all this stuff ourselves. The oak for the stairs came from a tree that fell to the wind back in the late 80's down on the Bayside Road in Ellsworth at "Uncle" Oscar Remmick's. While there were quite a few knots in the stuff, we took the longer pieces and then the stair treads and the little pieces and got pretty much all we need to do the stairs. Working in the shop is kind of fun because you can imagine the beauty of the work you are about to do before it is complete. Care taken in sanding, fitting the pieces together and finishing them all really makes the end result beautiful. I took a bunch of shots of the wood and working today and maybe I'll post some on FaceBook. I'm putting off until the last minute the work for school that I wanted to accomplish while vacation was going, but I didn't have a major load and we start the week off with a faculty meeting, so... The first photo on the right is a "sweep" shot with the HX1.

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