Sunday, February 7, 2010

Torrey is Home!

I don't see him enough, and when my youngest son visits from Portland, it really is a nice feeling to have the boys (men) back together. Jen, Torrey and I went up to the Grange Hall (Lynne is renting it and will run a "thrift shop" with a wide assortment of items for sale) so Torrey could get a look at it. He has been taking and posting many pictures in the last month or so and I am very impressed with the quality and range of the work he has been showing on the web recently. You can check his stuff out at and see what you think!
The photos I'm posting were taken at the Grange Hall this afternoon, really cold, but it hasn't been used for years and the look is one of sad disrepair and age. David and I will most likely be working on it this spring to get it ready to open. I'm sure Torrey will be posting some of the photos he took as well. The child's jacket among the scattered puzzle pieces kind of summed up the feeling of the place.

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