Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clouds on the Mountains and One-Legged Seagulls

Early this morning with the rain slowing and the clouds lifting toward the heavens, the mountain revealed itself as still there, which I suspect will be the case long after I'm not, and it seemed to bask in the feeling of the clouds gently caressing it as they passed slowly up its north slope and fell into the void of its southern exposure. The clouds had engulfed the mountains all night and the morning light showed a softening and moist transparency in the sky around Cadillac in particular.

The seabirds were here this morning, their calls and antics in the water providing entertainment around the miracle of nature and the abundance of life in our world. They are so beautiful in their movements, and yet... under close scrutiny my photograph makes them look like, even if it is only an aberration of camera angle or a posture of comfort created by the creatures for their own internal balance, like they have only one leg... so sad!

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