Friday, June 25, 2010

Early Morning Rose and Out on the Water

Well, actually I think the wild rose was from yesterday morning but they all seem to run together right now as the days are out of context for me when I am on vacation. It is a weird thing, but there are parts of having a daily schedule and regiment (routine) that make the days so much better in terms of what you can get done. The lack of routine causes me to flit from thing to thing (did I say "flit"?) but I have gotten my studio cleaned up (badly needed) the last couple of days, so all is good. I have to start getting ready for New Hampshire tomorrow, so I have a bit of a routine I can follow there and a week at school besides.

I did get the boat (my last two summers part time project) going and took a trip to Winter Harbor, or a least Grindstone Point and back to the bay. I got a bunch of good photos from that and will post a couple here. It feels so good to be out on the salt water and experiencing the vastness and beauty of it all.

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