Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Gap

Yeah, there seems to have been a "Fall Gap" here with this blog. My inspiration is leaning in other directions, so I will take a brief hiatus from this resource to explore some other areas of interest. I know that the photos from the past two years are still here and I can refer to them as needed, but there is so much more than just the photography that pulls me. November will be a month for exploring the print realm and I plan to go back to gelatin, hoping to "find" some new content to excite and fulfill.

My professional work needs some "push", and teaching so often "pushes back" that there is room for little else, but I must and will take the time...

Anyway, posts will become intermittent, but I hope the quality will be worthwhile (or the wait).

This post is about the fall and how things are starting to get colder and "fallish" now that summer is officially over (September 22) and fall has begun. A simple thing like an apple, photographed over and over, and yet is there a new way to look at it? I call this one "The Fall Grimace" because the fall season can make some of us tighten our faces.

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