Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Closely

I got an email yesterday from a retired colleague who is a photographer and sends me a lot of interesting links, and it was of a stop-action animation shot with a cell phone and a special magnifier system. Well, he got me to thinking as I'm sure his intention was, and so I tried holding an eye loupe over my cell phone lens and wow! I'm posting some of the shots I got tonight. A whole new world of magnification! Thanks a million, Galen!

 I'm pretty sure I will be using my cell more as a photography tool... I just downloaded the app "camera +" and it really has got some nice features.

The shot at the right is the top of a soda can (flip tab top) and it fooled Jen, she wasn't sure what it was. The idea that a close up can be an abstraction was another of O'Keeffe's "systems", and it belies our perceptions that we think in such fixed dimensions.

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