Friday, February 18, 2011

An Evening With "Birdie"...

...Birdie Googins that is, Maine's only "supermodel", although she is self-expressed as such. She appeared at the Milbridge Elementary School as a fundraiser for a local charity, and she was hilarious! While it took her a bit to "warm up", or maybe it took the audience a bit to warm up to her, her Maine accent, idioms, and her predilection for the natural narrative made her a pleasure to watch and carried the evening.

There were moments where she was so "flighty" as to be literally floating on the stage and other moments where her true spirit and sense of self and innate modesty brought a thoughtful reflection to the audience. She never seemed out of character and gave the sense that she was, in fact, just playing herself. By the way, keep an eye out, she says she's going to run for "The Queen of Maine".

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