Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice Cakes!

In conversations with my Digital Photo classes today during a critique warm up of their "scavenger" photos, which are supposed to wrap around the elements and principles of art, the idea of "blown out" whites came up a couple of times. We talked about exposure, manipulating the lights in an image, and how hard it is sometimes to shoot snow and ice, but a lot of the time, those "pesky" whites just appear in an image when you really didn't notice them as a potential problem in the viewfinder.

I really had to mess with this shot a bit, but with PhotoShop and then iPhoto to make some adjustments, I managed to get it to the point where it is what I remember seeing. It seems in using any software to adjust imagery that you can tell the "scalpels" from the "hatchets". Today was fun with students talking about their photos in terms of elements and principles, and they had some great shots! Dozens of photos and artistic visions.

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