Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Coyote at the Door

Jen had somewhat of a terrifying moment last night as she heard a howling noise right outside the house, or at least it sounded like it was right outside. I thought I heard something, but wasn't sure what it was, until I went to the window and listened carefully. I told her it was a coyote, but she wasn't sure. A neighbor several miles away had lost a Huskie dog and I think she was hoping that it was the dog.

So this morning she tells me that she saw a couple of foxes chasing one another out in the field, and within an hour there was a coyote down in front of the house howling just like last night and another out at the side of the house standing up on the loam pile as big as could be. The darker one of the two was hurt and limping on its left front foot, but I couldn't tell whether it was a male or a female. The lighter of the two was the one I got these pictures of and it lifted its leg down by the picnic area in front of the house... a male. I'm posting a couple of the photos I got. I need to pay more attention with the telephoto as a bunch I took were under focused as the backgrounds were sharp while the coyotes were slightly off, bummer!

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