Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tandberging to Augusta

The new technology is almost like the StarTrek shows in the "old days", where one could be "beamed" across vast distances. Our Commissioner of Education, Steve Bowen, met with the Teachers of the Year Association today and discussed a wide variety of topics on the plate for education here in Maine. He is attentive, up front and frank in his responses to questions, and seems to really appreciate and more importantly, listens to those of us in the field and working with kids every day.

There is a change coming in education here in Maine and elsewhere in the country, and I hope it is with students, parents and communities as part of the solutions to improving our schools. My school principal told me yesterday that he thinks Bowen and the "powers that be" want to "dismantle" school systems here in Maine, and he may be right, but it is up to those of us in this profession to make our voice heard, to monitor progress, and to make sure than the needs of kids and communities are foremost in the thinking and the changes that will inevitably take place.

Anyhow, my photo post is a shot with the iPhone of the Tandberg monitor as we were meeting. Real time and very good picture and sound... it was amazing! And it saved me a four-hour drive and a whole day's worth of time to work on my classroom.

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