Saturday, February 1, 2014

Furniture & Drawing

From the shot of my studio that I am posting today one might think that I have difficulty in focusing on a single task. That is true, I do. I think that there are many processes that we can manage and control simultaneously, and certainly conceptual work in the arts is no exception.

The working process for the table in the foreground that I started about a month ago, maybe two months now that I think about it a bit more, is similar to the sort of process I use or I allow to use me, in my drawings. The connection is that I conceive an idea, have an approximation of what I would like to see as the finished piece, and then let the work kind of bloom or blossom as I consider it. Working in wood from a plan is, to me, like drawing from a plan; an opportunity to develop and execute specific skills, but boring.

I may try one approach, adding a bit, or in the case of the table, removing a bit from the material I am working and then deciding if that is the direction to follow or if I should take a slightly different approach. More detailing, the "finicky" work, happens as the project moves forward, until I consider it finished. I have quite a lot of work stored that I have never finished, and I have some pieces that I started a decade ago and finished last year. I seldom ever lose interest in anything completely, and so throw very little away. I guess you could call me a "conservative".

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