Thursday, February 20, 2014

Drawing Steps

Two images here to describe in a very simple visual context the method I have been using to produce work of late. The first image is of the initial drawing in India ink that I produce as a starting point for my work. This particular one is a bit different for me as I don't usually start with something as object-based as this drawing, but it is a direction I find myself heading toward. Perhaps more of a discussion around that in a later post. I do these with one of my "gorilla brushes", and it usually takes a fairly short amount of time and is very spontaneous.  are other examples of this method in a more abstract manner.   is the "gorilla" brush description.

 The second stage of this process involves using a variety of media including Prismacolor® pencils, charcoal pencils & sticks, and pen & India ink. Here the details and the tonal values are added to the image.

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