Wednesday, January 6, 2010

4:30 and End of the Day...

... and still standing. Very busy classes right now with Photo I finishing up all enlargements, Fiber Arts working on Batik project and Art II painting (some large scale). Today started off with Art Society meeting, segued into Service Learning meeting (during my prep), and then into full day of classes. I'm still feeling good at the end of a long day at all the "stuff" we accomplished, and the fact that I can still stand says a lot about my stamina.

I took the above shot early this morning after going into the kitchen and noticing the light on the kitchen counter and table. Why I don't appreciate these things at certain times and do at others has to do with energy and perception. This shot just struck me this morning with its drama, and I might have felt a bit dramatic as I was preparing my apology note.

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