Monday, January 11, 2010

Snowshoe Trail and Crooked Shadows

These photos are actually from yesterday, but I like them, I enjoyed that hike up Baker Hill yesterday, and I thought I really would like to see them on the blog. So, here they are... it seems like there are so many options for photos out in the woods, even though at times it seems like they are "just woods". These shots really captured the sense of light in the afternoon in the winter, and there were a few more that I also liked but really don't have room for them all, these are my favorites, mostly for their composition.

I missed a really good shot this morning on the way to school crossing the Taunton River Bridge. Of course, I'm beginning to think that being ready for that quick shot is the most important thing. I miss so many good shots, and kick myself every time. This morning was, of course, one of those I hate to miss. The moon was showing a thin crescent with upturned ends in a dark blue sky, and the sun was glowing on the eastern horizon with a heavy dark mist softening at its edges sitting in the middle of the river. The cold and the moisture were combining to make a natural filter that gave the light such a special glow looking across the water. Not enough light though, and I missed it.

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