Thursday, January 28, 2010

Both Sides of the Road

For some reason I seem to be in a "morning mode" here with blog entries. Perhaps it is because I seem to be so busy when I get home with school work I couldn't get to during the day, and so wound up from working with my young artists that all I want to do with any time away from house duties is to run upstairs and go into my studio to make art or play music.

Yesterday morning on the way to school I had to stop just before I got to Somesville and capture the sun "almost rising" to the east. It was just below a mountain and the glow, while not a bright color or anything, was very obvious against the hillside and sky. I then turned to look to the west and there was the old house (that apparently someone is fixing up as the foundation, windows and roof have been repaired and an addition to the back with a shed roof has been added) that I have photographed before but which someone has now placed a wreath upon the front door. It was bathed in such beautiful light I had to include it in this post. "Look around you" is something I often tell my photo students, but I don't follow myself often enough.

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