Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

... and a welcoming world of snow outside! I hope we get another foot at least so that I can use my snowshoes some more. Shoveling it is a task I know everyone complains about, and it does seem useless work, removing frozen water from the pathways of travel, but it is such a part of living in Maine that I can't imagine not having it around during the winter.

My first post is a photo of the punts (skiffs, rowboats, etc.) in front of the house on the shore. I'm sure I've posted pictures of the Luna Sea before, but in this context she is put up for the winter, turned over to keep snow and weather out, and that somehow seems symbolic to me... not quite hibernation, but something for which students might be challenged to construct a meaning. Look at all the stuff there: snow; not just on top, but stuck to the side as well, the outgoing tide; no snow on the beach, etc., etc.

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