Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day & Pooter Again

So here's where these posts came from...

The old fence I noticed as I was driving down the driveway when I got home tonight. The light was a little high and I thought at the time that the fence would be a good shot as the sun got lower, so I waited an hour or so and walked up the driveway and took a dozen or so pictures. I was thinking that "we got through another winter", and the aged quality of the old logs just fit that theme for me. The green moss seemed somehow appropriate to St. Patrick's Day with all the green around today.

Pooter came downstairs again tonight around suppertime and I noticed him watching me from beside a kitchen chair. He was "striking a pose", and is usually skittish when I try to photograph him, but tonight he just sat there a took it. I took two shots and the second one had him looking square into the camera, and I just liked it.

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