Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Decade's End...

... and it has been a most remarkable decade to me, perhaps the best of my life. When I think of where I have been in the last decade and how I got there it is amazing to me, especially since my goal as a younger man was to see the year 2000. What overshadows all of that for me is the guilt of where I live when so many are homeless, my lack of protest against the meaningless and cruel wars in which our country is immersed and the resulting dead and wounded, and the importance of personal questioning and conflict that I have made a part of my life in recent years.
I am fortunate, and I have been blessed with relationships and events that are so precious to me I cannot express in words the feelings that come from them. I do not know where the next decade will take me, but I am in hopes for fewer heart procedures (I will take better care of myself), fewer near death experiences (I will be more careful within my surroundings) and more changes as I allow myself to drift along in the winds of fate and fortune (with hard work and love for others as a mantra).
Thanks to all who have been a part of this past amazing decade... boy, am I getting gray!

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