Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Boat, the Cat, and the Sun

I finally got the boat motor running again today, and after all the hassle with the trailer axle, the steering and such I hope to take it up to Flanders tomorrow for a test run. I thought the shot with it through the lupine was kind of descriptive of the way it has been in the background of things for a while over the winter. Maybe we can use it some this summer.

A couple of nice shots of Sandy the cat lolling on the floor, and he is such a ham as soon as he realizes that I am taking his picture. I can usually get a good portrait of him as he is what we call "photogenic". The first one here was dark in his face, but then he picked his head up and it got more light and his whiskers and ears became more important to the shot as well.

As I went out to water the garden just before the sun went down, I noticed the sun in the rear view mirror of my truck. It gave quite a bright reflection, so I tried to capture the sunset. I took a few of these and this was the one that came out the best. I got some good pictures today... it was a good day.

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