Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Last Frost

It was last week, but it has taken me that long to motivate myself to post something to this site. Motivation, inspiration, and articulation are what I have tried to make this site about, and for some reason those pieces have not all been there at the same time. I did 5 very similar shots of the morning frost as I arrived at school one morning last week, and I am so bad with the continuity of this blog lately that I don't even remember which day it was that I shot them.

I will just post the one, but I have incubated it for a while and have promised myself that I would post one, so here it is, frost on the clover. Metaphors of frost abound for me and connections to others in my living practices are represented in these metaphors, but I believe the best thing to do here is realize that I really have done this blog for myself, and so explanations or attempts to clarify my thoughts for others serve no purpose in this context. I will refrain from those explanations but will offer any viewers the chance to figure out frost metaphors for themselves and in the contexts that fit for them. Ahhh, frosty green.

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