Monday, September 3, 2012

Glider Ride

My old (like me) college roommate and I went on a glider excursion out of Trenton Airport this afternoon. We had an 11 a.m. flight scheduled, but the fog gave us an impenetrable 300 foot ceiling so we waited until 3 p.m. and got up literally to 5500 feet. While we were extremely cramped for space, which would have been about right for two 10 year olds, we crammed into the space and enjoyed the flight. Being pulled into the air by a "beefed up" Cessna at the end of a "string" was interesting, but even more so were the views that presented themselves as we swirled through the heavens.

Having grown up in the area and knowing the coastal region pretty well, I had an excellent sense of where we were at our highest altitude, but as we descended the terrain seemed to become a little less familiar coming around Lamoine until we got to the Jordan River Golf Course and followed along route 3 and back toward the airport.

I did have the chance to get a long shot of our house (just to the left of center, above, near the water at the end of the big field) but a lot of the photos were very effected by the small scratched up canopy that was covering us. It was hard to get good angles and avoid reflections and aberrations. The wind roared as we got up to speeds well over one hundred miles per hour and the centrifugal force pulled on us when we turned. It was a blast and thoroughly entertaining for almost an hour! 

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