Sunday, September 9, 2012

Homage to David Patterson

I saw the late afternoon sun poking into my studio, was tied up working on the computer, and then realized that was beautiful light I was looking at and I should go out and photograph the bay before the light was gone. I thought of David Patterson's beautiful wide-angle landscapes and remembered to bring a wide lens to get all the reflections on the water. It was almost dark, but I got a few things (30+ photos) I liked, mostly wrapped around the color. Everything was that bright orange tint, even the background light. I didn't do anything with these, although pulling out some detail from the shadows on those reflected shots and a bit of cropping here and there might improve them. I did try one in a grayscale as I was interested in what the light really was like and I think it is fascinating how that when you remove color from an image you become so much more aware of the actual light properties. When I got in the house, Jen was shooting the sunset with her iPhone, and she had gotten a great shot of the sky reflected in the house windows!

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