Monday, September 24, 2012

Tonight Before Supper

Yeah, I know, it's "dinner", although as I was born and raised in a small coastal town here in Maine, we always called it "dinner & supper", not "lunch & dinner" as the "folks from away" tended to say. So I guess I'll stick with the title.

The first picture is one of the house where Jen grew up, across the road from where we now live. I was a bit nostalgic for some reason this afternoon and so it seemed important to me to photograph that house. We were married to  the left of the house, in the back yard under a huge silver maple tree during the remnants of a hurricane, Doria I think it was called. Although the timing doesn't seem right, it makes a great story.

The next one I struggled a bit with the balance between the sky and the water. The water was so beautiful, as only water can be, but the sun bouncing off the bottom of the clouds also fascinated me, so rather than look at an asymmetrical balance of sky and water I split the difference and held the land mass in the middle. The beauty of the light on both subjects caused me to share their importance as subjects of the shot.

Finally, as I often find myself doing, I was drawn to the water. Using the camera to describe water is so amazing! If you compare these last two pictures just on the basis of f-stop and shutter speed, you can see that there is a difference in color, and with the reflected sun as a light source I'm not really sure which is more accurate. What really caught my eye as I was taking these was how much more the water looked like it was actually a thick layer on the rocks in the slower (blurred) shutter speed photograph (bottom).

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