Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Wonderful Christmas Day!

We had family here, we had a great dinner, we saw our grandchild (virtually over FaceTime) and his parents, we finished a quilt for our nephew and we just took the time to enjoy each others company.

Matt has been so good lately and we are so thankful that he is in such a good place, always happy and finding humor in things and contagious in spirit to be around! I've included a shot of him.

The ceramic angel is on the top of our tree, balanced with her hands held out as though she was just learning to walk or is, in fact, balanced precariously at the top of our tree, knowing that a fall would certainly crack her ceramic head!

I want to thank all who are a force of good on this earth for their hard work and full spirit... I feel it and with it want to express my gratitude...

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