Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow Bound

The snow was fun this morning as it was up to the windows and drifting everywhere, so it created many forms in the snow. The drift in front of the house was four feet high, but the shoveling was great because the snow was so light. There is something comforting about the snow surrounding the house and covering up the car, making a sort of sheltering softness around everything.

Jen and I have been working on Matt's apartment downstairs, cleaning and painting and making everything look like brand new, mostly for Jackson and his parents when they come next weekend. They will use the apartment for several days and it is a good excuse to clean things out and make it look nice. Here's a shot of the bedroom conversion, which is quite different from the black walls that Matt had in there. I took a bunch more photos out in the snow today, but these took preference for me to post.

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