Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow on the Apple Tree

I spent the whole day inside today and both the shots I'm going to post were taken out the window. I'm not anti-snow or anything like that, it's just that Jen and I were busy spackling, filling holes and painting Matthew's apartment downstairs. He has always been a big fan of posters, so there were holes everywhere after five years. We were also trying to cover black walls, so extra layers were needed. The closest I got to outdoors was sticking my head out the door. As my first real photo blog entry on this site was of the apple tree in the front (or is it back?) so are my posts today as I really think it is so cool when the snow sticks to the trees and makes that "coated" look on them. The play of darks and lights and the soft shadows of the sunlight filtered through lots of cloud cover really makes for very subtle values from place to place in the closeup photo especially.

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