Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunset, Sock Monkey & Space Alien

Yeah, I know, those three things in the title really can't be tied together in any real logical way, can they? And yet, here goes: the sunset got the camera in my hands, not that it was one of the most spectacular displays, but it was simple and sweet in terms of the water texture, the light and clouds in the sky, and the lights of Bar Harbor on the horizon.

 I shot a few of those and have posted the one I like the best, but then I got interested in the Christmas Tree and started fooling around with the shutter speed like I did last night with the "Sullivan Lights Search". Before I knew it I had over forty (mostly just sort of abstract line pieces) shots and had concentrated on a few of the ornaments as well as a few of the overall tree. Funny how a break from work and suddenly I have this time to "make" art...

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